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In Memory page thoughts

Janice Ann Reinboldt Oker
March 16, 1938 - January 13, 1961


Janice Ann Reinboldt Oker, 22, of McHenry, IL died Friday, January 13, 1961 at McHenry Hospital, McHenry, IL.

Gone but not forgotten. - Love your sis, Gwen


The above portion of this page is a sample of how I set-up an In Memory page. It is not a copy of the page I prepared for my sister, Janice, on our alumni site. That is found at In Memory - no obit - Sample. (The link is not open to the public.)

Personally, I believe our deceased members deserve a respectful In Memory page. I hope I have provided such for each member on the sites I manage, yet know I need to follow-up on those entered by others. This is how I use the editor to make the page:

1. NAME AND DATES as shown above.

  • Generally, I do not change the default font. However, on sites with older eyes, I do change the font to Veranda and did on this page. Whether I change the font or not, I do edit the name and dates as follows:

NAME: Bold, 16pt, Centered. (At this point, click and hold together SHIFT and ENTER. This will move your cursor directly below the name vs. adding an extra line between the two.)

DATES: Remove bold, change to 14pt. The date remains centered.

  • After entering the name and dates, I enter several blank lines before pasting the text of an obituary. If I do not, the obituary will center. You can remove the extra lines later to bring the text up. If your text centers as you remove the extra lines, remember you have the 'undo' arrow in the page editor as a help.

2. PHOTOS: If a yearbook photo has been added on the classmate's profile, the photo will appear to the right of the name as I entered it above. This helps our site members/classmates who may not recall the name. If there is a recent photo with the obituary or one shared by a family member, I add it to the left of the name and date. The above photo on the left has these image properties.

  • Border: 1
  • HSpace: 36  (This is Horizontal space.)
  • VSpace: (This is Vertical space, which I do not add.)
  • Alignment: Left

We have not been able to find an obituary for my sister, therefore, I added a few photos and memories. If family members wish to share more photos and some memories, I will do the same for them.

This is what works for me and I hope helps others.